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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steve Young

Okay...... so........ I LOVE football!!!  Heck, I've loved football for as long as I can remember.  My passion for this artful sport really sparked once my very own San Francisco 49ers won their 5th Super Bowl in the winter of 1995.  The orchestrator of that championship winning team was my childhood hero, my icon, my football idol, the one and only..... Steve Young!

BOY was this guy good!  Even now his highlight reels are something extrodinary to behold!  He passes that football with such accuracy, but not only that when he's running out in the open there just isn't anyone more exciting to watch.  He can make the most out of nothing at times, but is really at his peak when he is 100% in charge.  I feel like there are a lot of life lessons to be learned with football, and in this interview, enjoy the highlights.... but more importantly listen to how his joy and passion for football can correlate to our lives.

The Book of Mormon teaches us that "all things denote there is a Supreme Creator".  Along with being chalk full of life analogies, there are a lot of spiritual analogies to be learned as well; things that point us to God.

For example, it takes a lot of study, a lot of practice, and after a while playing football simply becomes a part of you.  As you study the doctrines of Jesus Christ and practice them in your everyday life, eventually it will be a part of you.  I really like how he talks about not being able to see over the big guys, but he still makes something happen.  Sometimes don't we face our own 'big guys' (like.... a Goliath for instance)?  We still need to overcome them, otherwise Satan will sack us and knock us to the ground.  There are times when we need to stick to our plans and trust in what God gives to us, and sometimes we need to run out of the pocket and use our agency wisely.  At the very end, Steve was talking about how he loves when he throws the ball, gets hit, and then has to look to the sideline because he can't see everything.  Isn't that so true in our own lives?  Their are times when we can't see the direct result of our actions, but when we look to the sideline we realize that something great happened because of that action.

Look at instances in your own life at how things correlate with your own relationship with God.  I know that in anything we do, it can bring us closer to our Supreme Creator.  I know that God lives, not only because I see how the sport of football can bring me closer to Him, but how everything testifies of Him.

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