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Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding Treasures!

So just a couple of days ago, Elder Stout and I went out with Dan to go geocaching.  Geocaching is kind of like a hide and seek game involving nature and a GPS device.  People will go out and hide little goodies in a container of some sort and hide it in the wilderness using specific navigational points of longitude and latitude.  Once you get near the position the satelite takes you to, it's up to you to find the container, whether it's in a tree, under a root, inside a rock cavern, or wherever.  Here's a some of my recorded adventure documents!
Holding the GPS.... it's around here somewhere!
Is...... is it HERE?!?!!!?!?!!!
Found it!!!  Now I get to see what goodies I want!  :)  (We got a little plastic doggie!)

Finding these hidden treasures involved a lot of work.  First.... we needed to have faith; faith that there was something hidden, something that could be found, and faith that we would be rewarded for our efforts.  Once we aquired that faith, we needed to allign our coordinates and trust in a source higher than us (the satellite).  Once we had that faith, and alligned ourselves to a higher source, we had to go and do, and seek out the treasure!  Thankfully, we had help from another source, the map and description we printed out online.  With all of these tools combined, we were able to receive those treasures.

God works in the same way through prayer.  When we have faith in Him, when we allign our will with His will and trust His will, when we go out and act on our faith (and not have dormant faith), and use the written sources God has given to us (the scriptures), we will be able to receive treasures from on high!

So.... go out and do it! Seek those hidden treasures God has in store for you!  ;)

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