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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I love my family.  As I go around as a missionary talking to many many people, I become sorely troubled at the distances people may place on certain members of their immediate family.  In many homes there is much hurt, much sorrow, much pain, and many who lack faith or trust in each other.  However, I am grateful for the fact that my parents and my two brothers are my best friends in the world.

I am also grateful that most of my brothers and sisters whom I come in contact with here in the Bible Belt are loving caring people who put their family first.

Why are families so important to us?  For me, it is the first place where I learned the basic necessities of life: how to eat, how to walk, how to share, how to play, how to love.  The home is the first experience that we have in this mortal existence, and for that reason God placed us in families to be a protective safeguard from the dangers of the world.

God loves each and every one of us.  He knows us personally and loves us with a perfect love.  He is the Father of our Spirits, and because He wants us to experience the same joy which He has, he has given us the opportunity to create our own families here on Earth.  Imagine the love a young couple have for their newborn...

God gives us an opportunity to gain a glimpse of the Love which He has for us by allowing us to raise His precious children.  God knows that this preparation of creating and raising a family is central for us to "prepare to meet God" (see Alma 34:32).  In fact, Heaven is in reality a continuation of the ideal home.

Because God knows that we find joy in our family relationships, He intends for them to not last 'til death do us part', but for time and all eternity!  It is through the sealing keys which Christ gave to Peter (see Matthew 16:19) , who in turn restored them to the prophet Joseph Smith (see Doctrine & Covenants 27:12-13) that our families are able to be sealed to each other after we depart this time of mortality. 

In fact, for our homes to be eternal, it is to be done in the Lord's house; holy temples dedicated to the Lord.

Learn more of how families can be together forever and what we can do in this life to work towards an eternal family.

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