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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music and the Plan to Create

I love music.  I love being able to sit down and engulf myself with the sound of pure spiritual healing.  Because I love to listen to music, I have a strong passion and desire to create music.

I barely started tinkering around with the piano a couple of years ago.  I grew up mainly singing, but during my Senior year of High School, I tried to teach myself how to play the piano.  Since that time, I learned how to play by ear and have gotten pretty good at giving the impression that I actually know what I'm doing on this instrument :).  The last piece that I've finished working on is a piano and voice arrangement of "Nearer My God To Thee". 

When constructing this arrangement there were several elements I wanted to implement to give this sacred hymn a sense of style and feeling.  I wanted the piece to be in a comfortable octave for my voice, so I wasn't singing too high or too low.  I wanted it to be a fairly up-tempo arrangement with syncopation and vocal freedom.  I didn't want the song to feel like it finished too soon, so I added a piano interlude.  I wanted there to be a build-up from the first verse to the second verse, to quiet down in the beginning of the third verse, and then to reach it's climax during the second half of the third verse.  All in all, this is the outcome of my plans and design to create an appropriate arrangement to this beautiful psalm.

Just as there was a plan in my mind in order to create this arrangement, there is a grand designer that has architected a loving plan for all of us.  We have purpose in this life, and what would it mean to know what this purpose is?

"For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39)."

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